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Trade and economic relations

Belgium-Israel trade

According to the figures of the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency, in 2011, Israel ranked 22nd in the league table of Belgium's main clients, just after Danemark and before the United Arab Emirates. Belgian exports to Israel amounted to 2,325.3 million Euros, compared to 2,182.8 million in 2010, ie a 6.52% increase. Precious stones and metals (primarily diamonds) represented more than half of the total Belgian exports to Israel. Regarding imports, Israel was Belgium's 23rd. supplier in 2011, ranking after Luxemburg but preceding Austria. Belgian imports from Israel grew by 11.8% from 2010, amounting to 2,118.2 million Euros in 2011.

With the devolution of powers to the three regions of Belgium (Brussels, Flanders and Walloon), each region is now in charge of promoting its foreign trade. This is why in Belgian Embassies around the world, one may find more than one commercial attaché, each representing one or sometimes two regions.

In Israel, Mr. Jacob Lempert is the Commercial Attaché for the Flemish Region and Mr. Matthieu Labeau is the Commercial Attaché for the Brussels-Capital and Walloon Regions. Feel free to contact them for all your import requirements. They will help you locate the relevant Belgian producers. You may also contact them if your company is considering establishing a European base. They will give you all the relevant information and connect you to Belgian bodies that can help you set up a base in Belgium.

Belgian economy at a glance

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Foreign investment

With its cosmopolitan setting, its ideal location at the heart of Europe and its highly skilled manpower, Belgium is a top choice for many foreign companies seeking to establish a presence in Europe. The three regions are courting foreign investors with a host of incentives and benefits. Read more...