Consular attestations

Consular certificates attestations.

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Which attestations are available?

  • Attestation of composition of the family
  • Attestation of your main residence
  • Attestation of your main residence with history
  • Attestation of the Belgian nationality
  • Attestation of registration
  • Attestation of name concordance
  • Attestation of civil status
  • Attestation of posession of a travel ID/ID

The attestations can be obtained in one of the three national languages (Dutch, French and German).

Attention, it is best to inquire with the authority who requires the attestation which option they need exactly (for example: proof of residence used at a Belgian bank)

Please send the application form (Dutch) (French) by email with a copy of your Israeli ID and sefah or a proof of residence (invoice, rental contract,…)

The consular taxes can be paid in cash and shekels only on the day of pick up. Please check the consular rates.