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Registration at the consulate

Most consular services and all visa applications are by appointment only. Appointments must be made online. Click here for more information.

Your registration with this Consulate means that your address outside of Belgium becomes your legal place of residence to the Belgian authorities. The Consulate will serve as your Belgian municipal office and will update your file in the Belgian National Register: the population register of the Belgian authorities which includes all Belgian nationals of Belgian municipalities, as well as those residing outside of Belgium.

Privacy Statement: French / Dutch / German

You can register with the Consulate if you:

  • are Belgian
  • are no longer registered with a municipality in Belgium
  • have your effective and legal residence in Israel (in the jurisdiction of the Embassy)
  • regarding minors (below age 18): one or both of the parents is/are registered with the Consulate

Should you not have been registered with a Belgian municipality or foreign Consulate and you have thus never been registered in the Belgian National Register, please check the page "Belgian Nationality".

Except those who could be considered as « temporarily absent » (please check with the municipality in Belgium in case of doubt about your status), individuals who no longer reside in Belgium are legally obligated  to de-register from the population register of the Belgian municipality where they were residing.

In case you are arriving from a country other than Belgium this Consulate will request your file from the Consulate where you were previously registered.


1. Documents required to register with the Consulate

  • registration form (all fields must be completed );
    • one form per person, including one for each child (Only available in French /Dutch/German)
    • for minors (age below 18), the form must be signed by both parents and by the minor if he/she is able to sign (only available in French /Dutch/German)
  • one passport size photo;
  • copy of your Belgian identity card
  • copy of your Belgian passport
  • evidence of your residence permit in Israel, depending on your status:
    • if you are staying in Israel with a visa: a copy of the visa;
    • if you are a permanent or temporary resident: a copy of your Israeli identity card indicating your permanent/temporary residence status; if your Israeli identity card does not indicate your residence status: certificate of non-acquisition of the Israeli nationality (please see explanatory note);
    • if you have the Israeli nationality: a copy of your Israeli identity card and certificate of Israeli nationality which indicates the date you obtained the Israeli nationality and on which legal basis. PLEASE NOTE: the same certificate in the name of your Belgian parent(s) may be requested (please see explanatory note). Israeli identity cards and/or passports do not state all of the required information, therefore these documents are not sufficient to prove on which date and legal basis you obtained the Israeli nationality
  • evidence of your address and effective stay in Israel: sefah of your Israeli identity card or another document (rental contract, recent water/electricity bill,…)
  • if you have any other nationality/ies: certificate which states both the date and the legal basis on which you obtained this nationality and a copy of your foreign passport(s)
  • completed registration form  for the next federal legislative elections (only available in French, Dutch or German) and if you wish to vote by proxy, a completed proxy form (only available in French, Dutch or German)
  • if your name in Israel differs from your Belgian name, an apostilled certificate which attests the name change accompanied by an apostilled translation. No such evidence is required for married women who took the name of their spouse.
  • if you resided in a foreign country for an extended period of time you are generally required to submit evidence that you did not acquire the nationality of that country or evidence of when and on which legal basis you obtained this nationality.

Additional documents may be requested  regarding nationality, filiation, name etc.

2. Important notices

Updating your file

Once your registration has been completed please promptly inform the Consulate of any changes in your personal status:

  • change of address should be submitted within one month by completing the form “ Adreswijziging/ Changement d’adresse” with evidence of the new address (see above, under “evidence of your address and effective stay in Israel”
  • change of email address
  • change in civil/marital status
  • change in family composition
  • relocation to another country or return to Belgium


Consular information

You will find general information on consular services and forms to be completed on the website of the Embassy (http://diplomatie.belgium.be/israel). Please print and complete the forms you need before visiting to the Consulate.


Contact with the Consulate

  • Visit to the Consulate : you must always be able to identify yourself by showing an identity document bearing a resembling picture
  • If you mandate another person to collect a document on your behalf, you must inform us in advance by email stating their name and date of birth (or a copy of their identity card). Please remember to give the mandated person all the documents which you are required to submit at the time of collection of this document.
  • All documents must be completed in either French, Dutch or German ; if you have difficulty reading and writing Latin characters  you must obtain help from another person before your visit to the Consulate.
  • If you need information on your personal status: please send an email (consulate.telaviv@diplobel.fed.be) and pay attention to the following:
    • clearly state your name and date of birth as written on official Belgian documents
    • write in one of the national languages (French, Dutch, German) or in English
    • allow for several days to receive our reply; we will reply as soon as possible, but the time needed to answer depends on both the number of files we must study simultaneously and their complexity as well as your file’s complexity. Except in case of a proven emergency, please allow at least a week before contacting us again (by email) if you have not received a reply yet. Time spent on the phone explaining that we haven’t yet had time to study your file and will reply as soon as possible would be better spent working on your file.


The Consulate is not competent regarding: