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Welcome message of the Ambassador

Welcome message of Mr. Jean-Luc Bodson, Ambassador of Belgium in Israel.
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Dear compatriots, dear Israeli friends,

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Belgium in Tel Aviv.

Life often brings pleasant surprises. My professional assignment to come and live in Israel with my family is one of them. We are very happy to get the opportunity to discover the country, which has such a peculiar history, and to get acquainted with its inhabitants.

I feel honored to be invested as the representative of Belgium to promote the democratic values of the country, to relay the open mindedness of its citizens, to support its vivid economy, to share its top-notch businesses and to make its dynamic, artistic, intellectual, and scientific creativity shine in Israel.

I sincerely intend to contribute to the development of harmonious, open, and sincere bilateral relations between Israel and Belgium. Beyond the sometimes-deceptive appearances, these are two countries and people that have many values in common.  They both have complementary assets that just need to be joined to flourish.

It is quite a responsibility to offer an efficient administrative service, as well as a constant support to Belgian Nationals who reside in the country as well as to those who are visiting. I am delighted to be able to count on that matter on a motivated and available team whose commitment and experience offer the best guarantee of success and quality for you.

If life offers opportunities, it is up to one to seize and exploit them. With the help of the entire Embassy’s Team, I can assure you that I will do my best to accomplish this mission with seriousness, motivation, and enthusiasm.