Useful information for Belgians in Israel/Jerusalem/Palestinian Territory after 07 October 2023

Please read the information below carefully.

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The difficult days we are currently experiencing affect us all. Belgium is deeply aware of your concerns and the difficulties you are facing. 

  1. The Belgian authorities understand the situation, which is receiving the utmost attention. Any new information that needs to be communicated to Belgians will be done so, among other things, via this website and via the travel advice (in French and in Dutch)
  2. Belgians passing through the region who do not reside in Israel/Jerusalem/Palestinian Territory and are not listed in the consular registers of the Belgian diplomatic posts in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are advised to register with Travellers Online so that they can be contacted by the authorities.
  3. Belgian travellers stranded in Israel/Jerusalem/West Bank embarked for Belgium on the special flight of 15 October 2023 and on special European flights. 
  4. For further information about these special flights, please contact the crisis center: 
  5. If you are planning to travel abroad soon, do check validity of your passport (Israeli, Belgian or other). Do not forget that travelers with Israeli citizenship may be requested to present a valid Israeli passport while they wish to leave Israel.
  6. For Belgians with other citizenship:
    Travelers whose Belgian passport has expired and who have another passport (Israel, USA, Brazil, etc.) allowing them to travel to Europe without a visa, can travel to Belgium with their foreign passport. Once in Belgium, they can apply for a passport at the municipality where they have last been registered or in Brussels.
    - This procedure is quick (= a few days) whereas the procedure for applying for a passport outside Belgium is longer (= a few weeks: because passports produced in Belgium have to be returned to the diplomatic missions in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem). 

  7. For Belgians with no other citizenship
    We strongly encourage them to check the validity of the travel document soon enough before the flight and put it in order if needed.  More information on passport application can be found on the Website of the Embassy of Belgium in Tel Aviv Passport | FPS Foreign Affairs - Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation ( Or on the Website of the Consulate General of Belgium in Jerusalem  Passport | FPS Foreign Affairs - Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation (
  8. We would also point out that Belgians in Israel/Jerusalem can take flights from Tel Aviv and Amman.