Embassy in Tel Aviv

All practical information on our Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Address and opening hours

Contact details, opening hours, closing days and access map of our Embassy in Tel Aviv.
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Access to the Consulate only with confirmed appointment 

In case of emergencies you can contact us by email via consulate.telaviv@diplobel.fed.be

In summary:

  • All visits to the Consulate must be by appointment, also for procedures that were done without an appointment before (withdrawal of documents, legalisation, ...). 
  • Picking up a passport, ID or documents without an appointment = only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 08.30 – 09.30.
  • Appointments for requests of passports + ID can be made on our website. Do not go to the Consulate without an explicitly confirmed appointment.
  • The Consulate will process all possible files by e-mail:
  • Do send all requested documents separately, titled PDF files. Not in PDF or incomplete? Your file cannot be processed.
  • Size of the email: no larger than 10MB. Are the files bigger, send them over several emails
  • Please send the documents:
    • Once your file is complete
    • All together, on the same day
  • If birth, marriage, divorce certificate or other documents consist out of several pages, make sure they are scanned into 1 PDF file (including apostille, translations,…)
  • Title of the email: mention the family name, first name and date of birth of the person concerned
  • Rest of the email: explain in detail the purpose of the email.
  • This will notably be the case for the following procedures, which can be launched by email, without traveling to the Consulate:
    • Registration request, including the first registration of a child: you send us, by e-mail, a scanned copy of all the required documents.
    • Request for a consular attestation: you send us, by e-mail, a scanned copy of the completed and signed request form. As soon as the attestation is ready, an appointment will be made to withdraw the attestation and pay the consular fee.
    • Request to update your marital status: you send us, by e-mail, a scanned copy of the required documents. 
    • Life certificate request: processed entirely by e-mail. Consult the document below.
    • Special nationality files: you send us, by e-mail, a scanned copy of the required documents. 
  • You will be invited to respect specific rules of health prudence during your visit to the Consulate. Consult the document below to find out what they are. You will be reminded of them upon confirmation of the appointment. You are asked to respect them strictly, for the wellbeing of all.

Opening hours for the public

Opening hours: access for the public only with confirmed appointment received by email (consulate.telaviv@diplobel.fed.be). For numerous questions (registration, certificate, updates of civil status, legalizations, citizenship, life certificate, …), the request will be processed via email only. In case a visit is necessary, the visitor will receive an appointment by email during the hours mentioned below:

Consular section 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:30 - 12:30. You do not come without an appointment, you will be refused access.
(closed on Wednesday) 

Picking up a passport, ID or documents without an appointment = only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 08.30 – 09.30

The Consulate can be reached by phone on Monday and Thursday from 14.30 - 16.00. Please note that no information will be given by phone regarding personal files and/or procedures which are explained on the website. For general information concerning passport, registration and citizenship, please check the website. For more specific questions, please send an e-mail to: consulate.telaviv@diplobel.fed.be.

Closing days

Closing days
Holiday Day Date
New Year Monday 1 January
Easter Monday Monday 1 April
Pessah Tuesday 23 April
Pessah (last day) Monday 29 April
Labour Day Wednesday 1 May
Independence Day Israel Tuesday 14 May
Pentecost Monday 20 May
Shavouot Wednesday 12 June
Rosh Hashanah Thursday 3 October
Rosh Hashanah Friday 4 October
Sukkot Thursday 17 October
Simhat Torah Thursday 24 October
All Saints Friday 1 November
Christmas Day Wednesday 25 December

Contact details

Embassy Tel Aviv
Abba Hillel Silver St. 12, 15th floor 
5250606 Ramat-Gan 

Phone: +972 3 613 81 30
Fax: +972 3 613 81 60
Emergency number: +972 54 467 95 36 (emergencies only after opening hours)

Consulate: consulate.telaviv@diplobel.fed.be
Embassy: telaviv@diplobel.fed.be

Access map