Consular registration at the Consulate General

Information on your consular registration at the Consulate General.

Consular registration

Information on your registration at the Consulate General.
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The forms below are available on the FPS Foreign Affairs website

Your registration with this Consulate means that your address abroad becomes your legal place of residence for the Belgian authorities. The Consulate will act as a Belgian municipal office.

Since 23/11/2020 you can register yourself at the Consulate online if you:

  • are Belgian and possess an activated Belgian eID; you know your PIN-code and you have a card reader (the Embassy does not supply card readers);
  • are no longer registered in Belgium (in case you were registered in another Belgian Consulate, your file will be forwarded automatically as soon as your registration has been successfully completed;
  • have your legal residence in Israel;
  • are a minor (- 18): one or both of the parents is/are registered with the Consulate

If you have no active eID or card reader do send the required documents to the Consulate by email (Please pay attention that the email does not exceed more than 10MB. Emails exceeding that limit will not arrive. Therefore, it is recommended to send big files through several emails):

  • registration form;
    • one form per person, including one for each child
    • for minors: the form needs to be signed by both parents
  • one passport size photo;
  • copy of your Belgian identity card and passport
  • evidence of your status in Israel:
    • a copy of your visa/residency card (for non-Israeli citizens);
    • a copy of your Israeli identity card + passport (for Israeli citzens)
  • if you have the Israeli nationality certificate of Israeli nationality (mandatory) which indicates the date you obtained the Israeli nationality and on which legal basis.
  • evidence of your address in Israel: sefah (opened) of your Israeli identity card or another document (rental contract, recent water/electricity bill,…)
  • completed registration form for the next federal legislative elections (mandatory).

Additional documents may be requested to complete your registration.

Additional documents may be requested to complete your registration.

The Consulate is not competent regarding:

  • driving licenses: please contact your last municipality of residence in Belgium for the replacement/renewal of your Belgian driving license.
  • extracts of judicial records: please check the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs
  • your retirement pension: please check the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs
  • information regarding legislation and organisation of Israeli authorities (only the relevant authorities are competent to assist you) and the conditions to enter a foreign country (you must contact the relevant Embassy).