Life certificates

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The Consulate is not competent to treat questions regarding pensions of Belgian citizens. The Consulate can only sign life certificates of Belgian citizens (non-Belgian citizens must turn to the Israeli autorities or their Embassy). For further questions, please check the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs

Obtaining a signature on a life certificate

Due to the health crisis, the life certificate will not be signed at the Consulate anymore.

You send us by email (

  • a scanned copy of the “life certificate” form, where you have filled in your personal details – it has to be a good quality copy as we will have to print it and fill it in;
  • a copy of your Israeli identity card (both sides), and the sefah (fully unfolded);
  • a copy of your Belgian passport or identity card;
  • a photo of yourself holding a newspaper (digital is also accepted) where the date of the day appears clearly.

We will fill in the life certificate with the date of the newspaper and will send it, ourselves, as a scanned copy directly to the pension service.